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We have a wide variety of highly specialised equipment

Forestry Mulchers

Low Ground Pressure Mulchers

Low ground pressure mulchers

TreeClear UK has two low ground pressure mulchers. These machines are ideal for heavy scrub, trees and rhododendron clearance. They’re suitable for wetlands,  SSSI’s, peat bogs and moorland.

We use our mulchers for mowing, mulching and clearing sensitive and moorland sites. The TreeClear UK mulchers are available with various attachments for different applications.

We have a mulcher with 1.4 meter wide tracks for ultra-low ground pressure work, and another mulcher with 1 meter wide tracks (making it 2.8 meters wide overall) for working in more restricted areas.

Whole Tree Chippers


‘Treerex’ has been designed and built by Treeclear UK Ltd at Longridge 2008 – 2009. The aim was to create a fast, ultra low ground pressure, high performance chipper, capable of chipping whole trees into an onboard chip bin which can be off loaded into chip carriers or wagons for removal off site with minimum damage to the ground flora. 
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Predator whole tree clipper


Our Predator whole tree clipper is Ideal for  Land clearingForestry thinningWetland restorationLand development

Scorpion whole tree clipper


Our Scorpion whole tree clipper is Ideal for Land clearingForestry thinningWetland restorationLand development

Low Ground Pressure Excavator Mulchers

Tree removal on nature reserves, peat bogs, SSSI,s and mires. Low ground pressure mulching 

Our state of the art fleet of low ground pressure excavators are purpose built for working on sensitive sites. Weighing less than 10 ton and excerpting only 1.5psi we can travel over extremely wet and boggy ground with minimal ground disturbance. 

Tree removal from peat bogs

Purpose built disc fail heads enable us to mulch trees, vegetation and rhododendron fast and effectively leaving a neat and tidy finish.

Once the vegetation is mulched, bunding and rewetting can take place,  which raises the water level and encourages sphagnum and other bog land plants to thrive.

Removing trees and woody vegetation from peat bogs is the first vital step to help preserve the UK’s peat. Peat bogs, mires, lowland raised bogs and upland moors are capable of absorbing and storing vast amounts of carbon dioxide which helps with climate change.

Mechanical Tree Felling

Hydraulic tree shears are the safest and fastest way of felling trees on site clearance projects, clear fells and thinning operations. 


Treeclear UK LTD operates the following tree shears

  • 200mm & 300mm capacity tree shear
  • 400 & 500mm capacity tree shears 
  •  600mm capacity grapple saw 

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