Duddon Mosses NNR

Treeclear UK recently completed a large tree and vegetation removal operation in the South Lakes

October 10, 2023
Treeclear UK

Treeclear UK recently completed a large tree and vegetation removal operation on a SSSi in the southern Lake District. The purpose? To facilitate essential rewetting works on this crucial peatland site, ensuring its long-term health and sustainability.

The project was tactically divided into two phases over a 5-month period. Given the vastness of the site, there were 14 satellite areas to be addressed each with their own distinct methodology required. Not only that but, there was an inherent need for speed to complete the works on time. Phase 1 needed completing prior to bird nesting season and phase 2 to allow for the rewetting works to begin. The clock was ticking, but the quality of work couldn’t be compromised in any way.

Using our own direct staff, Treeclear UK employed a diverse range of techniques including tree shearing, manual felling, chipping, flailing and mulching. What stood out, however, was their strategic use of low ground pressure machinery. Not only did this minimise the impact on the delicate peatland terrain, but it also ensured the swift progression of the task at hand.

The result? The project not only met the stipulated time frame but also came in on budget.

Overseen by one of Treeclear’s site managers, daily records and progress reports and plans were relayed to the client in weekly meetings keeping them informed of each part of the contact as it progressed. 

With all the surface vegetation expertly cleared, the bog was a blank canvas perfect for the peatland’s rewetting process to begin. The restoration of key parts of this precious habitat will help benefit biodiversity and help to reduce CO2 emissions by locking in carbon.