Woodland Clearance

Treeclear UK provides woodland clearance throughout the UK for commercial clients, land agents, wildlife trusts, private estates, and government organisations. Woodland clearance involves the removal of vegetation and other obstacles from a woodland area to prepare it for various purposes such as development, restoration, or land management.

April 15, 2024
Anthony Lambert

Treeclear UK provides woodland clearance throughout the UK for commercial clients, land agents, wildlife trusts, private estates, and government organisations.

Woodland clearance involves the removal of scrub trees, unwanted woody vegetation, such as rhododendrons and laurel, and suppressed and poor-quality trees to enhance the area for future uses. 

Whether you require comprehensive woodland clearance to prepare your land for future development or to enhance your woodland for amenity purposes, we are here to help every step of the way. Woodland clearance is always conducted thoughtfully and responsibly, considering the ecological sensitivity of your site and the long-term impacts of clearance activities.

In this latest blog, we explore everything you need to know about woodland clearance including:

  • Vegetation clearance
  • Invasive species control
  • Mechanical tree felling
  • Stump removal
  • Safety management
  • And much more!

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What is woodland clearance?

It is typically undertaken to prepare the land for various purposes, including development, agriculture, forestry, habitat management, infrastructure expansion, and ecological restoration. 

This particular service may involve the selective removal of specific trees or vegetation types, such as invasive species, or the complete clearing of vegetation from the site.

Woodland clearance consists of the following sub-services:

Vegetation Clearance – A primary activity of woodland clearance is vegetation clearance. Treeclear UK uses specialist equipment and machinery to remove heavy woody vegetation, bramble, gorse, and other ground vegetation. As a result, this helps to open up a woodland in preparation for the removal of trees.

Invasive Species Control – Another service that may be provided as part of woodland clearance is invasive species control. Here, this may include targeted efforts to eradicate and/or control invasive plant species that threaten native biodiversity and ecosystem health such as rhododendron or laurel.

Mechanical Tree Felling – A way in which trees can be felled in a safe and controlled manner using a hydraulic tree shear attachment on an excavator. Types of tree shear vary depending on the size of the tree that needs mechanical felling, Treeclear operates various tree shears suitable for a range of tree felling activities. 

Stump Removal – After conducting vegetation removal and mechanical tree felling, Treeclear UK can also deal with the stumps. We have the machinery to rip stumps out in their entirety or we can offer stump grinding with a range of excavator-mounted stump grinders and stump augers. Stump reduction or removal leaves a site clean and tidy ready for transforming the area accordingly. 

Safety Management – As you would expect, safety is paramount throughout all woodland clearance projects. Treeclear UK has highly experienced and certificated operators as well as a strong health and safety understanding. Before any woodland clearance project takes place a safe system of work is devised and hazard mitigation measures are put into place. Safety management plays an important factor in all of Treeclear UK’s activities to protect workers, clients, and the environment during all operations.

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When Is Woodland Clearance Required?

The purpose of woodland clearance varies depending on the specific goals and objectives of the project. Here are some common purposes for woodland clearance:

Land Development: If you’re the owner of private land or a commercial organisation seeking to prepare for future land development, you may require comprehensive wood clearance. Clearing trees and vegetation allows for the construction of buildings, roads, utilities, and other infrastructure. 

Wildlife Habitat Management: In some cases, woodland clearance is carried out as part of wildlife habitat management initiatives. Clearing dense understory, invasive vegetation unwanted self-seeded trees can create open spaces and improve habitat conditions for certain wildlife species.

Woodland Clearance Benefits

Across numerous sectors, woodland clearance provides several benefits including:

  • Wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Ecological restoration
  • Invasive species management
  • Infrastructure expansion
  • Aesthetic and recreational benefits

Woodland clearance, when conducted responsibly and with careful planning, can offer several benefits depending on the specific objectives of the project and the context of your site.

Why Choose Treeclear UK?

Treeclear UK are expert in woodland management and woodland clearance. As a 5-star-rated company, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service from start to finish. Our woodland clearance services are available for private estates, trusts, and government organisations.

Further qualifications and member organisations we’re proud to be a part of include;-

  • Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS)
  • City & Guilds NPTC qualified including (FMOC) 
  • Members Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA)

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