Vegetation Management

Treeclear UK provides vegetation management throughout the UK for commercial clients, land agents, wildlife trusts, private estates, and government organisations. Our company operates and maintains its own fleet of vegetation machinery.

April 15, 2024
Anthony Lambert

Treeclear UK provides vegetation management throughout the UK for commercial clients, land agents, wildlife trusts, private estates, and government organisations. 

Treeclear UK runs and operates its fleet of specialised low ground pressure vegetation clearance machinery. Excavators equipped with drum mulchers ideal for lighter vegetation clearance and disc mulchers suited to heavy scrub, trees, and woody vegetation clearance. Treeclear also has two low-ground pressure tracked mulchers, which are ideal for clearing vegetation on larger sensitive areas such as nature reserves or SSSIs that require vegetation mulching down the ground level. 

In this latest blog, we explore everything you need to know about vegetation management:

  • Controlling unwanted vegetation
  • Removal of diseased vegetation 
  • Control of invasive species
  • Habitat creation
  • And much more!

If you’re seeking any type of vegetation management, please get in touch with us directly at 07813 140 683‬ or use our online contact form to discuss your bespoke requirements.

What is vegetation management?

Vegetation management consists of the control and or maintenance of the growth and spread of vegetative matter over a specific area for various reasons. Treeclear UK is often requested to manage vegetation for ecological, environmental, recreational, and commercial purposes. 

The Treeclear advantage is we can remove and control vegetation achieving the desired outcome while minimising the negative impact on the environment.

Vegetation management consists of the following sub-services:

  • Disease control – Disease control is a significant issue within woodland, wetland and peatland areas. With management, Treeclear UK can directly address the vegetation-related factors that contribute to the spread of diseases. As a result of this, it aids in protecting plant health, maintaining ecosystem resilience, and mitigating the economic and environmental impacts of plant diseases.
  • Controls invasive species – Invasive species can have detrimental impacts on woodland areas, such as disrupting ecosystems and impacting economic activities. As a trusted and accredited environmental land clearance company, we provide early detection and rapid response. Vegetation management aims to prevent the establishment and spread of invasive species by implementing measures to reduce their introduction and dispersal.
  • Clearing & eradicating – Using specialist machinery, Treeclear UK can safely and comprehensively clear unwanted vegetation through methods such as cutting, mowing, flailing, and mulching. Clearing and eradicating unwanted vegetation is crucial for various reasons, including assisting to revitalise sensitive sites, reduce wildfire risk, and promote native species growth. 
  • Habitat Restoration – Habitat restoration involves reintroducing native vegetation, removing invasive species, and implementing habitat enhancement measures to create conditions conducive to the recovery of natural habitats.
vegetation management

Vegetation management can involve the removal of various types of soft and woody vegetation which include but are not limited to the following. 

  • Regenerated saplings & self-seeded trees
  • Overgrown gorse
  • Invasive rhododendron 
  • Willow scrub 
  • Bramble, heather, and bracken

Treeclear UK works closely with government agencies, the ministry of defence, and the wildlife trusts to name a few to provide vegetation management services controlling large areas of unwanted vegetation allowing important environmental projects to be undertaken to save, improve, and preserve fragile ecosystems that are of international importance. 

Private landowners and land agents require vegetation management to address hazards as outlined above and prevent unwanted spread, control cover and create rides for shooting.  Vegetation management provides a biodiverse environment throughout woodlands across moorlands and around wetlands as well as generally help maintain a healthy yet diverse landscape.

Commercial clients require vegetation management for a wide range of projects including clearing overgrown embankments, under overhead power lines, and around power stations as ongoing vegetation maintenance contracts or riverbank clearance for a one-off restoration project.

vegetation management services

Vegetation Management Benefits

Across numerous sectors, vegetation management provides several benefits including:

  • Wildlife prevention and mitigation
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Biodive conservation
  • Aesthetic and recreational benefits
  • Wildlife protection 

Management provides all of the above benefits and much more. By implementing effective vegetation management practices, organisations and private landowners can address pressing challenges, protect natural resources, and promote sustainable development for future generations.

Why Choose Treeclear UK?

Treeclear UK, specialise in low-impact vegetation management removing and controlling unwanted vegetation whilst protecting the surrounding environment. Treeclear UK is a 5-star-rated vegetation clearance contractor, whether you require one-off vegetation clearance or ongoing management, we are here to help every step of the way. Our environmental land clearance services are available for private estates, trusts, and government organisations across the UK. 

Further qualifications and member organisations we’re proud to be a part of include;-

  • Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS)
  • City & Guilds NPTC qualified including (FMOC) 
  • Members Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA)

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