On the Hunt for Rhododendrons

Treeclear UK has made significant strides in restoring over 80Ha of natural woodlands by efficiently removing invasive rhododendrons from numerous estates across the country.

October 10, 2023
Treeclear UK

Invasive rhododendrons have posed a significant threat to the native woodlands across the country. Addressing this issue head-on, Treeclear UK has successfully cleared these invasive plants from various estates across Lancashire, North Wales, Shropshire, and Yorkshire. 

Each site had its own challenges, with impenetrable Rhododendron up to 6m tall growing within established woodland. Some sites were on 35% slopes others, had soft ground and ponds to contend with and one was a public open space. All sites were time sensitive and needed completing in preparation of this year’s s shooting season. 

The tight woodland spaces required a strategic approach that wouldn’t damage the surrounding environment. 

Treeclear UK’s effective solution involved using small and compact forestry-spec excavators. These machines, while nimble, are powerful enough to mulch the rhododendrons in situ, without harming adjacent trees. The use of our special mulching heads enables us to cut the rhododendron off at ground level, smashing up all the debris leaving the site clean and tidy and greatly reduced the need for follow up maintenance.  

With thanks to the land agents, estate owners and gamekeepers involved, these woodlands are now returning to their natural state. The removal of invasive rhododendrons means native flora and fauna can thrive once more, ensuring the woodlands remain balanced and managed for the future.