Habitat Management

Enhancing and preserving a wide range of environments through habitat management

habitat management

Treeclear UK provide habitat management services including assessments, surveys, and invasive species control.

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Mechanical tree felling
Habitat creation
Ecological mitigation
Invasive species
Vegetation clearance

Treeclear UK provides a range of mechanical habitat management services.

Habitat management is the act of enhancing or preserving a varied range of environments. This can include management practices to help or protect threatened species.

Habitat management operations are often time sensitive and are normally performed at a suitable time of the year to reduce impact on breeding and hibernating species.

Mechanical tree felling and selectively removing trees by tree shearing to open up areas, felled trees can be used to enhance an area and if stacked correctly, they make perfect wildlife habitat piles.

Opening up existing ponds to bring them back into a managed habitat, ponds are vital for biodiversity as they support a vast amount of wildlife as well as a source of freshwater.

Mulching to create breeding sites has become an increasingly important part. of the service Treeclear UK offers. Selectively mulching areas of bracken, heather, scrub pine and birch opens up important areas for potential nesting sites for birds such as nightjar.

This work normally takes place on peatland sites which are sites of special scientific interest (SSSi) or Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) so a sensitive approach is always adopted for this type of habitat creation.

Controlling a site’s hydrology can be an important step to creating habitats. Rewetting is a process of creating bunds and ditch blocks to raise the water level on a site, normally a nature reserve or a degrading peat bog.

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Habitat management services provided by Treeclear UK include;-

  • Mechanical tree felling
  • Habitat creation
  • Management of invasive species
  • Vegetation clearance
  • And much more!


Habitat Creation

Treeclear UK are able to provide comprehensive habitat creation services including, wildlife habitat areas, hibernacula, pond and scrape creation and enhanced breeding sites for specific species. 

Invasive Species Control

If you’re seeking expert help with the removal of invasive plants such as rhododendron, Treeclear UK is here to help every step of the way.  Treeclear UK specialises in the removal of Rhododendron Ponticum on sensitive sites and from woodlands across the UK. 

Vegetation Clearance

Treeclear UK provides dedicated vegetation clearance services across the country including woodland clearance, wetland clearance, moorland clearance and other sensitive peat-based sites. Vegetation clearance is crucial to habitat management in many ways, including creating varied wildlife habitat and aiding habitat restoration.

Benefits Of Habitat Management

Habitat management benefits wildlife and contributes to the health and diversity of an area and its ecosystems. The specific advantages can vary depending on the goals of the habitat management plan, the characteristics of the ecosystem, and the targeted species.

Key benefits include:

  • Habitat creation
  • Biodiversity 
  • Endangered species protection
  • Economic benefits
  • Ecosystem resilience

Your Trusted & 5-Star Rated Habitat Management Company

If you’re seeking habitat management in the UK, Treeclear UK is your 5-star-rated company to call. We have experience working with a diverse range of clients including private, public and government organisations.

Treeclear UK owns and operates a fleet of specialist machinery that always allows us to undertake complete habitat management on sensitive terrain to an exacting standard.

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Contact us about Habitat Management

Get in touch with us for fast quotations and expert advice on your project by calling us today on 01772 783322 or use the form below.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the key goals of habitat management?

The key goals of habitat management vary depending on the specific characteristics of the targeted species, and the main objectives. These goals aim to promote biodiversity, create a suitable habitat for both flora and fauna, restore and nurture fragile habitats.

How does habitat management benefit wildlife?

Habitat management benefits wildlife in numerous ways by providing essential resources and improving habitat quality. Overall, habitat management is essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems, supporting wildlife diversity, and promoting the well-being of wildlife populations. 

Why is habitat management important?

Habitat creation and management plays a key role in mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change by conserving carbon-rich habitats such as wetlands and peatlands.

What role do invasive species play in habitat management?

Invasive species play a significant and often detrimental role in habitat management, posing challenges to conservation efforts and ecosystem restoration. Invasive species often outcompete native plants for resources such as space, sunlight, water, and nutrients. This competition can lead to declines in native species populations causing disruption to ecosystem dynamics.

What are the main threats to habitats that require management?

Several main threats to habitats require management to ensure their preservation and conservation. These threats can vary depending on the ecosystem type, geographical location, and human activities in the area. Some of the main threats to habitats that require management include invasive species, habitat degradation, and habitat loss.

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