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We have specialist equipment for a range of services and environments

Where we work:

What we do:

Wetland clearance

Mechanical/manual felling, Whole tree chipping, wood chip removal, chemical application

Vegetation Clearance

Scrub, regeneration and non native invasive species such as rhododendron and laurel removed

Disease Control

Removal and eradication of diseased vegetation such as Rhododendron affected by Phytophthora.

Land Preparation

Mulching brash and stumps after clear fell operations and ground preparation

Woodland Management

Clearance of undergrowth, ride creation/restoration, woodland paths, thinning and coppicing

Ditch Maintenance

Clearance of overgrown ditches, de-silting and re-profiling

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Spout Farm, Preston Road, Longridge, Preston, Lancashire UK PR3 3BE

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